The Kelly Hotel was taken over by Kris and Karen Kubasik on Friday 13, 2005. Their mission is to provide fine food and service in an old tavern-like bar and dinning area.

We cater for all occassions, have award winning wings, serve many local wines, and are members of the Chautauqua-Lake Erie Wine Trail.

While many enjoy the delicious food and friendly service of The Kelly Hotel, few know the full story of Kelly's historical past. The sign out front says it was established in 1830, but The Kelly Hotel actually dates back to 1824. In the early days the hotel served as a stagecoach stop along a lakefront route that prior to 1801 was an Indian trail through a dense wilderness. The trail passed in front of what is now The Kelly Hotel.

As the trail was improved, it came to be known as Ellicott Road. After a survey in 1805 it was designated as the Buffalo-Erie Road, and the area's earliest settlements sprang up along it. Today, it is known as Route 20.

James Truesdail was the original owner of the Stage Coach Inn and Tavern near the Pennsylvania state line.

The property was acquired in 1928 by Harry and Nellie Kelly, who made Kelly's Hotel synonymous with good food, with steaks as its specialty. It was not uncommon for the hostelry to serve 1,000 chicken dinners on a Sunday for 35 cents each.

The Kelly's operated the business until 1945, after which several subsequent owners conducted it primarily as a bar.

You may be surprised to hear that some of the previous guests and employees at the Kelly Hotel have never left. There are at least seven ghosts whose memories and spirits still live here, at the Kelly Hotel.

There is a bartender from the 1930's, dressed in a white shirt and black bowtie, always at the bar, always waiting for customers; perhaps you've heard him as you walk through the door, whistling to let Kris know there are customers. Perhaps you've encountered a civil war soldier sitting at the end of the bar, but you blinked, and he was gone.

You might have even seen a call girl lingering around upstairs, dressed in her favorite red dress and black boots, or a little girl asking you to play with her, but when you turned around, they were gone.

There is an old cleaning lady who doesn't clean much, but maybe you've heard her coming out of the closet under the stairs. There are also a couple of old ladies who are always in the kitchen, cooking. If you've ever thought you smelled some of Grandma's cooking, it's probably them.

So if you ever find yourself here alone, make sure you look twice before you leave and you might be lucky enough to see one of the seven ghosts of the Kelly Hotel.